Let’s Take a Walk in Bordeaux


Backtrack the time to a month ago, when Q and I left Béziers to spend a couple of days just the two us in Bordeaux. With the promise of good wine, canelé and a visit to one of the longest shopping streets in Europe, Bordeaux triumphed over the other French cities quite effortlessly to become the place of our New Year holiday. 

Bordeaux, pronounced bor – doh,  is a port city in South-western France that sits on the River Garonne. It was the post-Christmas downtime and the peak of wintry days during our visit. The tower-sized arbre de Noël anchored itself tall and proud in front of the north façade of Cathédrale Saint-André.

Twenty steps away, children circled a much smaller and barer tree on their ice skates. An assemblage of tourists and locals sipped their espresso al fresco at Le Café Français despite the numbing cold, puffing and chatting away without a care in the world. 

Charmed I was, by its blissfully peaceful character, I knew that Bordeaux has a lot more to offer.

DSC01207 DSC01214 DSC01219 DSC01226 DSC01211 DSC01216 DSC01225

With more than 350 sightly and historical monuments spread across the land, Bordeaux prides itself as the City of Art and History. And I say deservingly so.

Esplanade des Quinconces is one of the largest city squares in Europe and if you wonder why the fountain of Girondins bear some resemblance to the Trevi that wow-ed you in Rome, that is because they both hold fimly to their Roman-esque root.

I didn’t dare go too close to the sculptures the whole time we were there. The horses and troops and horse-fish, they were meant to symbolise Commerce, Navigation and Happiness.  But they were made so large, united and audacious that they instigated fear. 

I gravitated towards the neat rows of trees naturally, finding them a lot more serene and comfortable to be with. Planted in the shape of quincunxes, they were the reasons behind the name of this strangely baleful square. 

DSC01484 DSC01494 DSC01491 DSC01490 DSC01495 DSC01552

There was no better time to wander. And as we crossed the botanical garden I was drawn by the little bookcase where anyone is allowed to give or take a book at their pleasure.

The seemingly comely landscape, along with the “tree art”, immediately played second fiddle to such a trusting and cultivated concept. 

DSC01555 DSC01557 DSC01566 DSC01569

But then again, the shopping street was the place that had my full attention. And why shouldn’t it? Spanning 1.2km through the historic part of the city, it’s one of the longest shopping streets in Europe, with choices ranging from H&M to Hermès, spoilt for choice is an underrated statement. After bagging two dresses from COS, I carried on into Hema for 1€ stroopwaffles and colourful notebooks, then André and Galeries Lafayette in search of the mysterious size 4 faux-leather boots.

DSC01392DSC01235 DSC01239 DSC01243 DSC01244 DSC01256DSC01250 DSC01293

A very old city, Bordeaux is. But it’s not slowing down. In the middle of century-old monuments and architecture, we found modern humour and sprightly laughter coiled around shiny windows, vintage cars and the most fashionable demeanour. Bordeaux seems to cater to every need and want generously and perfectly.

Sitting in front of the Grand Hotel of Bordeaux, we observed the city and the passers-by, talked and razzed and laughed away, too, without a care in the world.

DSC01482 DSC01478DSC01483 DSC01467 DSC01452 DSC01438 DSC01502 DSC01475 DSC01471

With love x

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