Babes of Beijing: The Fruit Seller

_DSC0600Never had I been so intrigued by the people of a country that I would stuff my suitcase with twenty books written by local authors, watch a complete series of totalitarian-nostalgic TV drama and talk to strangers for the sole purpose of getting to know them better. This attraction is gravitational.

Babes of Beijing is a series of blog posts about the people I met during my various trips to Beijing. Some long, some short.

Featuring the locals, whose cultures and beliefs are deeply influenced by the teachings of Confucius, as well as the non-locals who, fluent in Chinese or not, have made the Middle Kingdom their home.

All interesting people, all true stories.

Believe me when I say it will get juicy. 


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The Old Yazdani Bakery, Mumbai


This is not a place that many of you snobs would approve of.

It’s a little dusty, with wan furniture and interior that has seen better days. From the outside, it looked like another tattered shop that cowers by the narrow street of Mumbai. One of those that doesn’t seem to meet satisfactory levels for food hygiene.

But frankly, I don’t give two donuts about that. Come say Hi to the Yazdani.

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Here Rice Your Problem, And This Too Shall Pasta

_DSC8581Guess which Fluff Master just turned a supposedly smacking delicious risotto/pasta post into a facetiously philosophical article?? What do these carbo-turbos have to do with quarter-life crisis? As a matter of fact, they do. They so very do. Sure it’s just a millennial thing. And guess what, IT IS, and there’s nothing we can do about it. As a matter of second fact, the next time you stand over your stove watching pasta boil, you would be lost in thought, thinking about this article and regurgitating my words because really, they are not nonsense only dressed up as nonsense but to be taken at a no nonsense level. BAM! Mind-blown. I did warn you.

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