Bordeaux by Night


When the moon swept the sun away, the alleys were lit up with dim orange-golden lights that gave the city an old Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris-esque feel.

You wouldn’t know where exactly you’d run into a Gil Pender, but you would be so heedful of all the Peugeots that passed you by because any one of them could be the one that had the ability to transport you back in time. Such is the night of Bordeaux, that lulls and gives people so much deceptively beautiful conviction.

I especially like the Place de la Bourse when it was illuminated against a backdrop of dark blue sky and seemingly muted brasseries. Perfectly symmetrical, ostentatious but quiet and unruffled. The Palace hit the city with a flump in mid-eighteenth century, a place dedicated to Louis XV and designed by the most prominent French architect at the time – Ange-Jacques Gabriel – whose rationality and creativity still ensconced in many landmark hotels and chateaux in France today.  
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Another façade of Bordeaux. Don’t you also love a city when its shadows come out to play at night?

With love x