Experiencing London Fashion Weekend 2014 (2)


So today, we shall continue Burberry on about designers and trends that are likely to go Stella (McCartney) this season. This information might not be essential to all but knowing it will undeniably give you the (Dorothy) Perks(in) because fashion, like technology, will always be on the (Anya Hind)march.

Ok I apologise for my terrible attempt on pun. I was just trying to speak Fash-glish but I think it’s apparent now that I’ve no talent whatsoever in this language.

After I published the post yesterday, many who have confused London Fashion Weekend with London Fashion Week filled my inbox with great praises, which of course, made me utterly flattered and awkward at the same time, explaining that, no I’m afraid LFWend isn’t as exclusive as LFW and sorry you’d still have to take me as your non-exceptional, humdrum friend. Disappointment, I know. But life goes on.

So moving on…

The Trends Catwalk show this year was hosted by fashion presenter and writer, Angela Scanlon (as per usual years). It started with the theme “One and Only”, which was fundamentally about monotone looks (and indeed some are monotonous). Designers like Philip Lim, Roland Mouret toyed with proportion and texture, breathing a fresh autumn/winter-y air to minimalism. I’ve always thought a monotone look tricky, it seems like there’s no grey area because you either pull it off looking sleek and confident or, in other extreme, appear dull and exceedingly tacky. 

And I have to add that it was a clumsy moment at the beginning of the show. I had no experience taking photos of models on the runway and boy did they strut in such fashionably speedy gait. Many shots turned out woefully blur if not beyond presentable. 


But I’m glad the good ones are the looks that I personally fancy. 

The next one was “Candy Crush” and it was pleasant to watch. The runway was instantly painted over with pastel shades, lilacs and powdery colours, lots of fluffy cloud-y white. The silhouettes were elegant and youthful. Some were girly, some were sporty, all effusing effortless grace and weren’t overly formal.  

IMG_6868 2 3 4 5 6x 7 8 9 Untitled-2

Brands included Halston Heritage, Acne Studios, Helmut Lang and Simone Rocha.

The theme preceding “Fairy Tale Ending” yesterday was “Jungle Fever”. The ambience of the hall metamorphosed from a dreamy atmosphere into something bosky. The chirps and whirs of insects and birds enveloped the room, the runway was repainted over with earthy hues and tribal prints. 

IMG_6939 1 2 3 4 6 7 5

It was hard to grasp what exactly are “in” this season. The entire experience, watching the show and being at the event, was very personal and I am happy to leave it just as that. I’m definitely not one of those peeps who refuse to wear the same outfit twice because it’s simply wasteful and isn’t practical. So, for me, to draw the line between what’s “in” and what’s “out” boils down to the state of mind and, functionally if not predominantly, the weather.

Despite them being my dabbler attempt on fashion,  I still hope that you enjoy these two posts on LFWend.  And if you (surprisingly) find them a pleasant read, drop a comment/send a message because this will be really flattering. 

With love x

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