Colour Run London

Colour Run London - The happiest 5K on the planet

Not too long ago my news feed on  Facebook ,  Twitter  and  Instagram were filled with photos from Colour Run Kuala Lumpur and I was a tad disappointed for missing out this opportunity to join the run with my friends back home.

Dubbed “the Happiest 5k on the Planet…a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality”, who would have known that “a run for fun” that started in Utah, United States two years ago could achieve such great international growth?

Now happening in more than a 100 cities across America, Europe and Asia, Colour Run is literally having it’s world tour, partnering up with Global Poverty Project and major sponsors like Chevrolet and Dulux to organise a fun, colourful race for the young and the old, the fast and the slow.

Colour Run London this year took place on a Sunday around the Wembley Stadium in Stratford. The obliging sun peered from behind clouds, a misty morning was slowly brightened and by 10 o’clock, the city was engulfed by the heat of Indian summers. 

Colour Run London - Starting line Colour Run London - Waiting for the start

Runners of all age gathered at the starting point, many togged up in neon tutu skirts and some with afro wigs even, all pumped up and ready to be wildly peppered with colour powder. 

Colour Run London - Pink tutu Colour Run London - Green and pink tutu Colour Run London - Little girl Colour Run London - Orange representative Colour Run London - Blue tutu Colour Run London - Little girl 2

The powder used by the organiser was made of food grade cornstarch and 100% natural. 5 stations were set along the running track, like checkpoints where runners had to go through and were liberally doused with coloured powder. 

Colour Run London - Alexandra Luella Colour Run London - Alexandra Luella 2Colour Run London - Alexandra Luella 3

The run was completely doable and we had a barrel of fun. Water was provided along the way and people ran with supreme verve.

By the time we crossed the finished line, we were like a bunch of happy unicorns that just braved the thunderstorm in Rainbowville, all stained and smeared with sweat and intense joy from head to toe.

Colour Run London - Relaxing after the raceColour Run London - Smile on ambulance

…even the ambulance failed to escape!

Post-running, the fun continued at the Finish Festival.

Colour Run London - Concert Colour Run London - Concert 2 Colour Run London - Pink representative Colour Run London - Little girl 3 Colour Run London - Runners Colour Run London - Powder throwing Colour Run London - Little girl 4 Colour Run London - Drumers Yellow representative

More packets of powder were given out and a colour throw happened every 15 minutes to welcome new runners. We did a little caper and dance around with the live music. The floor was covered in a merry shade of pink and there were photographers, bubbleologist, groups of cheerleaders…and abundant of ice-cream vans!

Ice cream truck Colour Run London - Ice cream

…which, of course, I wouldn’t say no to. I made a beeline for a cold, creamy sundae with biscuit cone dipped in chocolate. 

It was the perfect ending to a cheerful run.

Can’t ask for a better Sundae(y). 

Colour Run London - Alexandra Luella

Ending this post with Quote of the Day by Mr. Roulier – “My bogeys are purple.”

Philosophical like always. 

With love x

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