The Roksanda Rave


Few weeks ago, when I was doing my usual reading in the tube I came across a write-up about Serbian-born Roksanda Illinsic in Harrods Magazine. It was a two-and-a-half page article that kept me fixated on this woman and her clothing line, consciously until my destination, and unconsciously until today. Ever since I read about her background and laid my eyes on her clothes, this name seems to start floating out from many media platform that I often rub shoulders with – fashion news, magazines, TV, celebrities wearing her , the Duchess wearing her – the list is long and snowballing.

Not long after, I was hit by another realisation that I’ve seen one of her designs during the Trend Catwalk show of LFWend. Now selling at a 65% discount on Outnet!

I am not sure whether it’s her clashing colours that I swooned over or some of her very gripping asymmetric details and patterns. Wait a minute, factor in some of her brilliant subtractive colour mixing too! It’s no longer as easy as colour-blocking. Nor are they the “modern, functional” design you’d find at COS. They are all simple contemporary cuts which do not seem so simple because, take a look at them and you’ll find your concentration farming out to scrutinise all of the elements. Now is this half a circle? Half rectangle? Why is the colour changing so fast and abruptly? Why aren’t the two succeeding stripes aligned in the same direction as the first? Flounces with wide-leg trousers? Said the designer, “it’s always about the juxtaposition“.

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Maybe it’s just me and my fondness for Rykiel’s notable design for Coca-cola France (Yes, I’m very nostalgic), the last three pieces from Roksanda’s Resort 2015 resonate with the French designer’s stripe-y concept. Nonetheless, Roksanda’s take on colours and their proportion is indisputably more feminine and strong.

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Image resources: Vogue, Daily Mail, Roksanda Illinsic, Arranged & Edited: AlexandraLuella

Roksanda chooses to play the game of contemporary designs to fit the demands of the fashion society today but she breaks all the rules and consequences are unimaginable. Who would have know that rebellion could take such a well-accepted, elegant forms.

With love x

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