My Old Dutch Pancake, London


And here we are, cruising to the second-half of March… Osbourne has revealed the Budget, Clarkson was suspended and Ireland won the Six Nations. Sounds like a helluva two weeks!

But what’s more important than all of these is our darling wandering Spring has slowly found its way back to London.

Good friend, N, crossed the Channel to visit this weekend and we’ve decided to take him to the ever trusty My Old Dutch for some flippin’ good pancakes. It’s that kind of place that promises a treat to everyone regardless of age and will never disappoint.

Opened since late 1950s, MOD has been around making families, friends and couples happy for more than half a century. They make sweet and savoury pancakes the size of a vinyl and celebrate Pancake Day every 12th of February. Eager to see more of those cheesy and candied babies already? Let us bask in the sun for a couple more minutes!

DSC03557 DSC03568

Jet-lagged and couldn’t be arsed to do my hair, but with a promise of sunshine and cakes, I’d grab my coat and head out of the house any time, any day.

We went to the MOD in High Street Kensington. There are two more at Holborn and Chelsea. Bubbly staffs moved around the weekend crowd serving plates and plates of soft fluffy goodies, wearing the cutest T-shirts that say “Nuts for Nutella”,  “Pancake Posse” and cheeky “Some like it hot”!

DSC03606 DSC03608 DSC03603

It took N some time to make up his mind. But we couldn’t blame him. The list on the menu is long and every single one of them looks oh so promising. At the end, we decided to share and plumped for the Florentine with an extra topping of chorizo and the Amsterdameer with gouda. 

DSC03612 DSC03630DSC03646 DSC03638

Fret not, you’d have a choice between scrambled egg and sunny side up for the Florentine. I know that some of you are not a fan of bullseye so you may not find this inviting.

But for me? I would have them runny yolk all day, err day and even egg days a week!

DSC03613DSC03620 DSC03627 DSC03632 DSC03650

The Amsterdameer is one that needs some getting used to. Thin and slightly crispy, it was topped with bacon and apple, then drizzled with maple syrup. We requested for extra strings of gouda, so the entire pancake tasted like a quirky pizza where sweet and savoury flavours battle, or rather dance harmonically, on your taste bud. It’s the good kind that left us asking for more. 

Dessert was the highlight. We saw this newbie, Speculoos Biscuit pancake, on the menu and couldn’t stop imagining its heavenly taste. But before we move on…

3 seconds for Word of the Day:

Speculoos /speck-que-loose/  : – spiced shortcrust biscuit commonly found in Netherlands, Belgium and west part of Germany. Also commonly seen in my snack cupboard, drawer of my desk and ocassionally, in the pouch of my handbag.

So there you go, stacks of American-style pancake with speculoos spread and vanilla ice-cream, dusted with icing sugar and even more (crushed) speculoos.

After this round of dessert, it was really hard to loose the thought of this spectacular taste!

DSC03658 DSC03656 DSC03659 DSC03664 DSC03661

What sinful?  

Absolutely no regrets!

With love x

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