Haché Burger, Camden

Haché Burger, Camden - BurgersHaché Burger, Camden - Front restaurant

Any burger joint would have thought you too fussy – to demand a switch from normal burger bun to brioche bun, change the side dish from regular chips to sweet potato fries and add hazelnuts and extra vanilla ice-cream to your peanut butter milkshake.

But Haché wouldn’t. 

Burger is always a good idea.  And the mushrooming of gourmet burger joints in many places has greatly encouraged the growth of burger snobs.

I am definitely a member of the club. Fluffy buns, succulent meat and an almost debauching amount of cheese… the 3 primary ingredients are easily obtainable, but their guaranteed qualities aren’t. 

Set up by a family of six, Haché is a French word means “to chop” and this, coupled with their use of brioche bun and their Steak Reblochon burger, led me to think that it’s an English burger joint with French influence. But after peeking into the menu, I couldn’t be more wrong. From the very English rosemary lamb burger with mint, Mexican cajun burger with salsa and jalapeño peppers to Chinese duck burger with hoisin sauce, Haché has a lot to offer.

It didn’t take me too long to make my order. I knew I wanted a good comforting pulled pork with brioche bun and sweet potato fries from the start so I headed for the Roasted Pull Pork Burger with crispy pancetta and onion ring right away, handed back my menu, flashed the biggest grin and waited for my much revered barbecued darling like an Apple fan waiting for the release of the new iPhone six. I bet you grasp that excitement.

Haché Burger, Camden - Pulled pork burger Haché Burger, Camden - Closed up pulled pork

Oh by all means, do salivate or stare or dream, even, at this shiny and greasy goodness. Isn’t he beautiful?

The soft and fluffy brioche bun blending with the crispy pancetta and the texture of the pulled pork that fell apart with just one bite… happiness is only so easy.

Haché Burger, Camden - Canadian burger Haché Burger, Camden - Canadian burger and friesHaché Burger, Camden - Half canadian burger

The chap went for the Canadian Steak with sweet cured bacon and mature cheddar cheese. And like always, he had it raw.

I took a bite of it, loved it so much, I had to ask him to stop at half and switch plate with me.

Haché Burger, Camden - Sweet potatoes fries and wedgesHaché Burger, Camden - Alexandra LuellaWe were there around 3 and the place wasn’t a little bit quiet. We finished the food in glee and decided to treat ourselves to a peanut butter milkshake. And guess what? 

It tasted so creamy there was obviously extra vanilla ice-cream than any normal milkshake and it came with full hazelnuts and crushed ones! Couldn’t have asked for more.

Haché Burger, Camden - Peanut butter milkshake Haché Burger, Camden - inside Haché Burger, Camden - Moto

If you are visiting London and planning to walk around Camden Lock Market, Haché would be a good choice!

Address: 24 Inverness Street, Camden Town, London NW1 7HJ. You can also find them at Chelsea, Clapham and Shoreditch.

With love x

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