Christmas Diary D2 – London to Paris

Christmas Diary D2 - Cover

Comfort wear, shiny nails, big shopper bag and fun reads – today’s the day we set off from London to Paris! I am one of those peeps who are more enlivened during the journey than when arriving at the destination. You should see me in the ride on our way to St. Pancras, I grinned bigger than Lewis’ cheshire cat. 

Sure, there’s the stress to be in certain places in time, get many things organised and border checkpoints may be tetchy, but none of this can overpower the joy of travelling. Well, at least, that’s for me. After all, when’s a better time to shut off your phone and lose yourself in the quixotic world of a hungover cookbook ?

St. Pancras was lit up and looking more dashing than ever. Christmas lights and decorations powdered the stout, large and polished building and I still couldn’t help but took an extra look at the bronze sculpture at the southern end like every time I was there. It’s a 9-metre high man and woman sculpture, locked in a sentimental embrace, called “The Meeting Point”. The sculptor told a beautiful and poignant story through his art – a French woman crossing the channel to see her English lover. An art that, of course, has been interpreted by many to signify the meeting of cultures between the two countries. But hopeless romantic here, aka moi, who would always cry a Thames for soppy movie endings, will never barge from my point. It is a French woman crossing the channel to see her English lover (just did a typo and wrote “liver”. Awkward.), and end of. Romantic, evocative and like the scene from Brief Encounter.  Ahh…love. I’m sniffling already.

Arrived Paris around 8 and slightly put off by the cold. It’s wetter than London. Picked up by family and hurried back home for warm dinner. Some sausages, bread, cheese and a large chunk of chocolate cake later, I’m here in the bed listening to the dulcet tone of keyboard typing happily on my little blog. Not a very eventful day, but there you go. Pictures!

Christmas Diary D2 - St Pancras Christmas Diary D2 - The lovers Christmas Diary D2 - Chrismas Tree Christmas Diary D2 - Bauble Christmas Diary D2 - Champagne Bar Christmas Diary D2 - St Pancras 2

Will be hopping around Paris tomorrow and will reward self with macaron if it doesn’t rain. Goodnight and I shall go pray for that now!

With love x

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