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【Travel Chic】Lacing Up Japan


You take time off work, dig into your savings, book a flight, arrange accommodation, read a thousand where to go, where to eat articles online, you don’t speak the language, you depend your life on free Wi-fis, you might lose your passport, you might actually meet the love of your life (!)… all that effort and you still don’t see Travelling as something important? Heck, you dress up for funerals! Do this properly. Do it chic. Dress like you are onto something great. Because it is.

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【Travel Chic】From Paris with Love


【Travel Chic】 is a series of blog posts to catalogue all the Style pictures I took during my travels. It’s a little category I create to showcase my layout designs and, as the name suggests, to push for Travel in Style. Only images, no words. Oh, and of course, there will be answer to the frequently asked question, “Where’s that dress from?

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Experiencing London Fashion Weekend 2014 (2)


So today, we shall continue Burberry on about designers and trends that are likely to go Stella (McCartney) this season. This information might not be essential to all but knowing it will undeniably give you the (Dorothy) Perks(in) because fashion, like technology, will always be on the (Anya Hind)march.

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