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Here Rice Your Problem, And This Too Shall Pasta

_DSC8581I have no intention of satisfying your aching need to read about “Top 10 Places to Eat in Milan”. This is NOT a food post. I put pictures of food and copied-pasted Google descriptions because they seem to be the only things that you’re interested about and understand. Ouch. (Go find my apology there, somewhere in the main body of the text.) How would I know what are the Top 10 Places when I was only there for two days? How would I know what makes the Top-10-Places when I like my wine with a lot of ice, steak well done and chips soggy and cold? But here. Serving some good rant-violi right up for you. Buon appetito. 

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Eat Noodles the Phat Phuc Way, London

Phat Phuc London

A cultural rant carefully disguised as food review. This is my take on a Vietnamese pho shack in Southwest London, which also cooks up Malaysian Laksa and Chinese pork buns Cantonese-style. From the way this business operates to the tableware it uses, Phat Phuc gives you a complete experience of how it’s like noodles-chasing in South East Asia minus the sweat. This is not your typical food review. Come see why.

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Taste of Japan – Part I


Sorry I have been MIA for a while. In the last two weeks, I have changed job, moved home and recovered from stress-induced chocolate-bingeing trauma. But all’s good now and here’s the first of my many articles about the Land of the Rising Sun – starting with a (ramen long) introductory post about “Taste of Japan”! I will try to catch up in the next couple of days. Till then, please control your tempura and be patient with me.

Thank you so mochi!

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Brunch at the Iconic Hotel Le Fouquet’s

Le Fouquet's 15

What to do on a Sunday in Paris where most shops are close and you don’t want to shop for items with marked up prices in blood-sucking touristy zones? I have just the right place for you to start this sacred day marking the end of your very hectic week – shopping, champagne-sipping and being glamorously lost in Paris. Brunch at Le Fouquet’s. The iconic, luxurious and everybody-knows Le Fouquet’s.

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