The Secret of Jardin du Luxembourg


Ice-cream vans are gone, spiced pumpkin lattes are back, socks and jumpers are the washing machine regulars again. Such are the signs of autumn in England.

But things were a very much different across the Channel. While Londoners were out with their spring coats (and of course, umbrellas), Parisians were sunbathing in the park. It was 12 degree at St. Pancras and 37 degree at Gare du Nord.

Somebody tell me what is this sorcery?


Anyway, I got to Paris and there was no way I would leave without giving my skin a good sponge down with those Parisian rays.


We decided to make our way to Jardin du Luxembourg. Unlike its cousin, Tuileries, this garden is a little further away from the heart of the city seething with tourists. To me, it’s a place imbued with grace and serenity. Dig deeper into its history and you will find out that the garden is a thinly veiled longing of a woman for love and her home country.


^ plenty of these sage-green chairs dotted around for readers and people-watchers. You have the full discretion to find your favourite spot in the park.


^This is the Medici Fountain.

Medici was a daughter of a Grand Duke in Italy, born in Florence, who became the second wife of Henry IV of France.  Life wasn’t a bed of roses in the palace. Her marriage to the King was a union devoid of love and support and there was constant bickering with the King’s mistress. The day after she was finally crowned the Queen of France, her King was assassinated.

The Jardin du Luxembourg was like a refuge rather than a solace following the King’s death. She wanted a palace like her home in Florence and the style of the park similar to what she had as a child.

The land was bought during her regency and few years later, the grand construction began.


Two centuries down the road, Napoléon aptly dedicated this beautiful garden to the children of Paris.


Children found joy around the octagonal basin.  There were sail model boats for rent. And at a corner not far from that water, there were orchards of apple and pear trees and bees making honey.


^The palace of Luxembourg, built for Marie de Medici.


There is something about a walk in the park that always makes me feel so happy and calm. As much as I enjoy shopping, being surrounded by lush greenery and manicured lawns and having the sun will always top my favourite things to do.

We took a long walk  that day and exited from the other end.

It was exactly that kind of weekend I wanted.

The very last of my Parisian summer ray.

With love x

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