Santiago de Compostela – Kissed and Tell

It’s the most cruel thing, sharing one’s very treasured secret place. Especially with you well-travelled, country purging, showy travellers. Worse, when it’s only a two-hour direct flight from London. This is like tearing up the only drumstick on the table and forcing the scrawny kid to share it with his full-blown, beady eye obese play date. Name three people that you would invite to your dinner party? No one! Shut the front door. I didn’t want to write about Santiago de Compostela. I want to eat alone.

But, there’s always but…

Santiago de Compostela is an enormously beautiful town in the north of Spain, festooned with charm and wizardry. It’s the capital of the Galician region. The final stop of the epic Camino de Compostela pilgrimage, where hundreds and thousands of pilgrims from all over the world walk and cycle to to pay respect to St James the apostle that was buried under the cathedral.

You’ll be delighted to know that this quaint, superstitious character will feed you big helpings of tapas whenever you get a drink at the bar. For free! It’s also adoringly small so everywhere is accessible by foot. Trust me when I say it’s a gem.

It’s that refreshing spot in the countryside, that oddly shaped, bulbous tomato, crushed, drizzled with olive oil and spread on a piece of warm bread. Santiago de Compostela is that layer that makes all the difference in the loaf of Spain.

And in case you didn’t know, that’s how bread is served there!

One of the best bits was waking up early in the morning, wandering around town and having strong coffee and spongey bizcocho (orange cake) with the closest of my friend by the street. Not far away, there would be the dulcet sound of violin and children playing football in front of the church.

This place made my heart so full.

With love x

Pssst, sorry! A quick one today as I’m blogging from Taipei! I will be here for the next four days, art gallery romping and bar hopping. Very cultural, slightly boozy, rather me. Rest assured that all the fun that I’ll be having here will make its way to you in another delicious blog post. Soon, I promise. Till then, have a quick search on cheap flights to Santiago de Compostela now with this little thing below that I’ve created for you. It’s like a concierge on your desktop. V glam. Have fun with it and see you on Instagram! @alxndrluella

With love x

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