Perks of Working in London


When your days rotate between a full-time job and running a travel&culture blog, having lunch break at the park is really one unadulterated bliss.

We didn’t need a table, it was just a-minute walk away, we joined the throng of off-jacket men and rosy women; tailored trousers touched the grass, bare recently-shaven legs subtly crossed. This manicured corner of the Temple Inn is an award-wining patch of land. Flowers and hedges and fruit trees, life grows luxuriantly, lush and rich and full. This photo doesn’t do it justice. There’s no burden of lengthy history, computer screens or steely frames, only lawyers unwinding and puppies scampering off to play. It’s June. Weather can be good, weather can be bad. What we had for lunch didn’t matter. What mattered was the London’s air. London’s very temperamental air. 

London is warm again today. Sun is up and park was full. But I wasn’t there. Weary me sneaked into the gym for a short run and long shower. Was a much needed break.
With love x