Lunching at a London Car Park


Urban Food Fest – the love child of two City’s white collars which grow up loud and rambunctious in London and Manchester. Jessica is a solicitor; Mike an investment banker. United by the love for food, music and company, they decided to have their passions tied the knot at roomy car park in Shoreditch, London.

That’s right, car park.

From Venezuelan’s arepa to Chinese pao, Italian coffee to Mexican pulled pork, the pleasure is theirs and the choice is yours.

I had a taste (literally) of the Urban Food Fest myself one Saturday. With great company and a curious grumbling stomach, I dug into Japanese J-dog (a hot dog strangely but yummily covered with mayonnaise and bonito flakes), mini burgers, kebabs, arepa … and a cooling jar of cocktail. Arepa was the star of the day – a staple in Venezuela, it’s a flatbread made of cornflour, served with various fillings like cheese, avocado and meat. It was an instant connection, a love at first bite.

At the centre of the crowd sat the live band of the Fest, singing slow rock and plucking the strings of the guitar into a lazy afternoon. With the iconic red London bus as the backdrop, the scene made a perfect unconventional and  localised postcard picture.

Admit or not, we all love a mid-day drink in the UK. We all love the sun, love to be with someone and, at the same time, surrounded by everyone. Most often than not, crowd is the main selling point of a trade.  And this place offers just all of that.

Open from 12pm to 12am every Saturday, Urban Food Fest is where you need to know and exactly what you’d get – in metropolitan London, a dizzying array of food and sun-absorbing, beer-loving, solitude-repelling crowd… RSVP YES!

DSC08890 DSC08886 DSC08883DSC08959

^ There, the car park ticket machines still very noticeable.

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^ This is Arepa, look at that stringy cheese!

DSC08892 DSC08951 DSC08952 SZsEfy

 If this doesn’t make Londoners happy, what does?!

With love x