Love from York Truly


York is an enchanting city in north-east England, a medieval city that seems to have escaped the steely claws of industrialisation that is booming around and within it.

There is a 13th-century Roman wall which spirals round the city, like a strip of bandage encircling the homes and the shops and the economies and identities of the English society. The Shambles is the oldest street in York that has seen lives from the 14th century to the lights of 2012’s Olympic Torch.

Tourists flood here with anticipation and locals take great pride in its ancientness. The pubs are always a good place for a pint and a pie. The Ye Olde Starre Inne, the Red Lion, the Golden Fleece – it is difficult to decide which is the most fascinating… especially after one too many pints! There are also the Viking Centre and the National Railway Museum that you can then totter in. Rather than a home to the country’s award-winning rail collections, the latter is a journey back to the 19th-century glory, when the city established its dominant role in the country’s railway revolution.

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After a tour at the York Minster and a walk through Stonegate, we had no choice but to ease our grumpy stomach that had been for the last hour crying for attention.

Naturally, we made a beeline to Betty’s.


Do you know anyone who goes to York without popping by Betty’s?? No one!

It’s considered rude!

DSC00679 DSC00680 DSC00678 DSC00677 DSC00676

We queued for about 10 minutes, giving our eyes a feast of these delectable cookies and chocolates and cakes.  “Look at the florentine!”, “Oh no, the chocolate mousse!”, “What about this foxy cupcake??”…..

And it’s finally our turn to be seated.

I had one of the best ginger beers at Betty’s and that’s from Luscombe. It had a really strong spicy and zingy flavour, very fizzy too. Just the way I like my ginger beer to be.

DSC00659 DSC00664 DSC00662 DSC00666

I had Yorkshire sausages served with rosti, Q went for a beef pie and A, being nostalgic about his good old days in Vienna plumped for the chicken schnitzel.

It was a nice lunch stretched into jokes, gossips and deep talk.

In the process, we also picked up some sweets and order a large sundae.

A glass of brown bread ice-cream, crushed almond macaroon, pecan nuts, toffee sauce and lots and lots of whipped cream….

DSC00672 DSC00669 DSC00671x
We continued to walk about town, took our time and great pleasure in observing the weekend crowd and every unique things in and about York.


In my case, that also included elegant window display.

Before we knew, it was already time to go.

We had some yorkshire pudding and roast sandwiches takeaway for dinner on the train. Then took a turn into the Little Shambles where I was hit by an overwhelming feeling of deja vu only to realise…oh no, wait. Harry Potter! I seen something like this in Harry Potter!

DSC00728 DSC00725 DSC00732

Only in England.



With love x

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