London Rooftop Cinema


What do you do on a Tuesday evening?

You grab the sweetest and crunchiest of a delicious caramel popcorn, climb onto the rooftop and slid under the blanket, spending the rest of your night watching a romantic film and snuggling with Ryan Gosling.

Wouldn’t mind calling this your typical Tuesday night, would you?

Sadly, there’s only one Eva Mendes in this world who is legally entitled to a Tuesday night like this. 

London’s Rooftop Film Club heard your pleas, ladies. They have an evening as perfect as the above for you. Even better, you are allow to bring your boyfriend. Ryan Gosling wouldn’t mind. Your boyfriend too.

Your boyfriend and Ryan Gosling for the night. Tell me something better than this.

NuffnangUK asked if Fran and I were interested to be part of an evening like this. Of course, we didn’t say no. We arrived at Stratford’s Rooftop Film Club on a Tuesday evening and promptly started our evening with pretty drinks. 

DSC09596 DSC09602DSC09599 DSC09600

As the evening faded into the night, the lights on the rooftop changed the hitherto hip East-London scene into a space of neons and colour gradients.

DSC09604 DSC09608 DSC09612

We then made a beeline for the popcorn, blankets and wireless headphones, found our seats and waited anxiously for Ryan Gosling to come onto the screen.

DSC09613 DSC09619DSC09622DSC09625

They also have other rooftop cinemas spread across London – Peckham, Shoreditch and Kensington. There are a good range of films and you can book your ticket online. 

I say ride on the last ray of summer and get an experience like this quick.

In case you don’t fancy Ryan Gosling, there’s always Tom Cruise from Top Gun.


With love x