Let’s Take A Walk in Dubrovnik


Early this Summer, I travelled to Dubrovnik with the girls to celebrate our graduation from university. The name of Dubrovnik might not be as conventional or commercialised like London, Paris or New York, but its sceneries are definitely the ones more likely to be featured in many vogue, trendy magazines, scoring pages of recommendation, titled “The Perfect Getaway”, “Summer Wanderlust” or the like.

Sitting on the Adriatic Coast in the region of Dalmatia, the landscape of this medieval city is shatteringly fantastical and beautiful. 

Not so long ago, many parts of the Game of Thrones series were filmed there, using it to represent the city of King’s Landing and locations of Dany. With remarkably well-preserved churches, monasteries, palaces and fountain, the high walls and bastions of Dubrovnik stand proud above the deep cobalt blue of the ocean below.

Like any Mediterranean country, palm trees, terracotta and sandstone walls, contrast of bright colours and earthy hues, are all common sights. 

It is no doubt a perfect getaway if you plan to nestle in the arms of the sea, soaking up the sun, listening to the sound of the waves and watching them curl into sea foam as they hit the faces of the cliffs. 

IMG_1523 IMG_1419 IMG_1176 IMG_1141IMG_1143 IMG_1133IMG_1189

To get a bird-eye view of the city, we took the cable car up to the top of the Srđj Hill. Within minutes, the formidable landscape of Dubrovnik transitioned into a piece of art, completely calm and serene. The sky and the sea blended seamlessly, under our feet were patches of green and orange-red roof-tops so small and surreal like a masterpiece of a Renaissance painter.

I guess the saying is true, that “you haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen it’s shadow from the sky“.

IMG_1368IMG_1387IMG_1411IMG_1410 IMG_1441 IMG_1446 IMG_1442

We had our lunch at the restaurant on top. Sitting on the viewing terrace, we were sandwiched between the sea and the mountain. 

IMG_1472 IMG_1460

The most representative of this city is no doubt the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the main architecture that put the city in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It is the core of Dubrovnik, the prime connecting point of the locals and the tourists. 

This walled-city is like a maze, ancient stone walls rise high from the ground and the limestone-paved pedestrian lanes run through the city, exuding a somewhat mystic atmosphere. There are many entrances and a large Onofrio fountain, marking the beginning and the end of the main street, called Stradun. 

Apart from island hoping, the Old Town seems like the only place to go in Dubrovnik. We were there every single day during our visit, poking our heads into all the narrow passageways between and behind buildings, cooling ourselves with extra large 10kurna (1€) ice-cream. 

IMG_1513 IMG_1518 IMG_1233 IMG_1095 IMG_1080 IMG_1074 IMG_1091 IMG_1069 IMG_1070 IMG_1055 IMG_1062I’ve sorted out one too many extraordinarily splendid photos to share. Instead of over-feeding you with a post, I’ve decided to split them into two, plus an entry on the two charming places we went to tan during our stay. So see you tomorrow! 

With love x

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