Let’s Take a Walk in Dubrovnik (2)

Dubrovnik - Cliff

We went up to the medieval city walls on a scorching morning at the Dalmatian dazzler – Dubrovnik. There was absolutely no escape from the tyrannical sun. It was a sweltering 2-kilometre walk and we were boiling. But if I had to do it all over again, I would say Yes without batting an eye .

And here’s why. 

Dubrovnik - Wall walkDubrovnik - Walls 2Dubrovnik - Walls ViewDubrovnik - Cliff 2 Dubrovnik - SeaDubrovnik - PortDubrovnik - Port2Dubrovnik - StairsDubrovnik - Window on the sea 2Dubrovnik - Window on the seaDubrovnik - Boat
The walk offered a view so superbly fine and marvellous.  And we could see the famous Fort Lovrijenac, where many scenes of the Game of Throne was filmed, from a distance. Looking so barren and forlorn, yet brutal and impregnable. 

Dubrovnik - Fort LovrijenacWe also sighted some quaint houses and the prominent Mediterranean habit of drying their clothes and sheets outdoor for fresh air. 

Dubrovnik - Roof Dubrovnik - Roofs Dubrovnik - Drying under the sunDubrovnik - Drying under the sun 2

Back on the ground, there was open-air market with numerous stalls selling seasonal fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, local products like lavender potpourri, olive oil, wine, dried orange/lemon peel and this irresistibly tasty sugar-coated nuts.

Dubrovnik - Mideteranean Stuff Dubrovnik - Sugar-coated almondsOpen the Croatian coastal food menu and we were quick to pick up a strong Italian vibe. Many dishes bear influences of the Greek and the Mediterranean, using olive oil and herbs what commonly seen in the Italian/Southern French kitchen – rosemary, sage, oregano, lemon and orange rin. Seafood is of course the speciality. But do also expect a lot of risotto, pasta and a variety of local wine. 

Dubrovnik - Risotto Dubrovnik - Squid Kebab Dubrovnik - Fish and veggie

People speak Croatian, a language so foreign to us that it was impossible to communicate. But with their basic English and our generous use of Hvala! (Thank you), no barrier seemed unbreakable. 

Dubrovnik - Children Dubrovnik - Children Feeding Pigeon Dubrovnik - Alexandra Luella

For four days, we not only disappeared into a completely exotic world, but spotted the shooting of a Chinese-Korean reality show to boot. Possibly very star-struck, it was my first time approaching a celebrity unabashedly for a photo without even knowing his name… and then ran into him in the streets of Old Town for consecutively three days.

Oh Dubrovnik, the enchanting possibilities you bring!

To close the chapter of this city, I’ve arranged an entry on 2 incredibly breathtaking places to have an icy drink and sexy tan – one was once featured on the LuxeNomad, the other’s on a cliff!

Wherever you are, it’s always good to take a look, because places like these are the ones that could make us believe that the world is still beautiful and heaven on earth does exist.

With love x

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