Tips for Capturing your Best Travel Moment

Photo shoot - 1

There can never be too many amazing photos during one’s travel.

You see the moment, you feel the moment, you certainly don’t leave without capturing the moment. (And for me, I’d go the extra mile to write the moment).

One thing that Quentin and I absolutely enjoy doing when we travel is making our own amateur photo shoot out in the greens – pick a sunny place ,  have a tipple and snap away!

He is not at all precise with angles and lightings, and only fumbles with shutter and focal length; I am decidedly petite, have no dexterous limbs of a model and always blink uncontrollably when his shutter clicks. But it’s always a great fun as I pose and bend in my little Vogue bubble and he sneakily captures them all in his National Geographic angles, ha!

So one day, during our stay in Kansas City, when the air was crisp and sunbeams were lemony, we grabbed the camera, snapped up some icy Coronas and off we skipped happily down to the park of Nelson-Atkins Museum

We laughed and drank and were quickly prepared to play Le Photographe Professionnel and the Supermodel, completely unabashed and unapologetic of our joy and utter vanity… after all, isn’t anonymity the perks of travelling??

Nobody knows you, so be who you want to be!

Photo shoot - 2 Photo shoot - 3 Photo shoot - 4 Photo shoot - 5 Photo shoot - 6Photo shoot - 7Photo shoot - 8
Here’s a few common tricks for the perfect “Profile Picture” photo when you travel:

1.  Always wear a piece that you can play with 

Flared midi skirt is my all-time favourite. Not only does it work wonder on all types of body frame and create these beautiful patterns when you swirl, it also helps save your luggage space because it can go with almost everything! Crop-top, jumper, turtle-neck, T-shirt … foolproof effortless, feminine, tres chic. 

(Sorry boys, the first one is only for the ladies!)

2. Pick a suitable place 

A park is your best bet because sun light always improves a picture.

Choose somewhere that is less crowded, you don’t have to jostle your way through the mob to get to your ideal spot, and most importantly, you need to relax. It’s all about having fun and creating memories with your company and the place. You need to enjoy the surrounding, let your hair down and play.  

3. Burst into laughter and BURST

iPhone camera has this genius feature called “Burst Mode“. All you need to do is tap and hold on the shutter release button and it will take up to 10 frames per second, ensuring you don’t miss the best shot.

I use a Samsung phone and there’s also an identical feature called the “Best Photo” at shooting mode. But what I truly believe that works best is to just ride with the fun. Have fun playing in front of camera.

Laugh about being “candid”, joke about being the Next Top Model. You’ll be amazed how great a happy you look even if it’s blurry!

Photo shoot - 10

We later discovered that around these shrubs and hedges, there were lots of fireflies and a few little bunnies! 

I hope you find this helpful. Have fun creating and capturing your own travelling memories and have a lovely weekend!

With love x

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