Cracking Sandwich in Cambridge


Almost half a year ago, Simon left his job in BT and decided to tack his ship into a much more intense territory – exposing himself to prolonged hours of heating and carving only to whip up a delightfully good-to-go roast meat sandwich. Open at 4 Bene’t Street in Cambridge, Bread & Meat has the been new hang-out spot in town and a new favourite among the pool of Tripavisor self-made food critics, “A must try!”, “a guilty pleasure”, “a great sandwich”.

Short, sharp and straight to the point, these comments do encapsulate the essence of Simon’s sandwiches –  a guilty pleasure indeed that transcends your ordinary expectation for two pieces of bread with a filling in between.

And here’s why.

DSC04168 DSC04159 DSC04157 DSC04164

Their signature Ciabatta Porchetta is one that comes with overnight roast of outdoor reared pork from Essex rolled in their very own fresh salsa verde. What I absolutely love about this sandwich was not only the crunchy rinds that crackled upon a bite but the richly good fatty layers that came together. In other words, it wasn’t just lean meat. And there’s no better time than now to toss away that bland, diet sandwich and enjoy a good cut of pork like how Simon put it, “pork should be served this way”. 

The second sandwich was Salt Beef, which was slabs of meat enhanced by the sour notes of sauerkraut, pickles and dijon aioli.  The taste was refreshing and even better with chunks of chips and glugs of ginger beer. 

Bread & Meat isn’t a place where you’d rush in to feed yourself between two meetings. The ambience is moderately slow with students and even family swinging in to enjoy a meal of proper fast food. That’s the phrase. Proper fast food. The shop isn’t big but the friendly owner and his team make sure that everybody’s needs are well attended.

The bread that they use comes in fresh from Jamie Oliver’s Flour Station everyday. There are also muffins, brownies and cakes, as well as crafted beer and wine. Open for breakfast until evening, Bread & Meat is sure to slower your pace and change the way you look at that meat in between your two slices of bread. Ever again. 

Way to go, Simon!

DSC04143 DSC04145 DSC04148 DSC04149 DSC04154

With love x

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