This Charming Little French Village


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The dark cloud and the rain didn’t stop us. Determined to get the most pastoral view out of our trip, we woke up despite the exceedingly soothing drizzle and embarked on an exciting journey to La Salvetat. This is a little French village tucked away in thick forest on top of a mountain. A place that would easily score a multiple-page spread on international travel magazines, if it wasn’t for its inaccessibility and lack of exposure on the internet.

It’s a wonderful place among a chest of treasured gems in France.

And as our car wiggled its way up to the destination, this delightfully charming view appeared in front of our eyes.


If you are from France or a regular visitor, you may have known this place through the eponymous sparkling mineral water. La Salvetat has such a wealth of natural resources – immense forests, rivers, lakes – it is the source of one of the best drinking water in France.

This is not my first time in La Salvetat. But like every other time when I visited this village, Flipo is the first place to stop.  The one and only patisserie in the area, they do the most creamy and divine cakes and pastries mainly because of the ingredients they use. The sweet palmier biscuits, the oversized macarons – oh especially the one with a thick layer of morello cherry compote sandwiched between the pistachio flavoured meringue, dotted with roasted hazelnuts. Good heavens, there is no one French dessert as satisfying as this. 

_DSC6615 _DSC6616 _DSC6618_DSC7159_DSC7162

If we are friends on Snapchat ( again, some shamless self-pomotion: FIND ME ON michellephkai ), you must have seen my entire time there ooh-ing and aah-ing and bagging enough sweets and pastries to last me for days.

The shop opens early at 7.30am everyday and doesn’t wait for the late risers. The racks and shelves are usually cleaned by 11am. 

_DSC6657_DSC6660_DSC6661_DSC6620 _DSC6622_DSC6626_DSC6644

Next thing on the list was baguette. Freshly baked baguette. 

_DSC6623 _DSC6638 _DSC6640 _DSC6643

Where else to buy these but the local boulangerie? 

Then, it’s the ham and the cheese.

_DSC6630_DSC6632 _DSC6665 _DSC6652

All of these with a bottle of cherry beer made a good simple lunch. We put the food into a basket and drove up to an old cottage.

As the field was wet from the morning rain, we could only have our sandwich under cover.

_DSC6698 _DSC6701_DSC6954_DSC6812-12_DSC6959_DSC6710_DSC6719_DSC6733_DSC6736_DSC6740

Who wouldn’t dream of a meal like this? Far away on top of a French mountain, enveloped by crisp air and clear tones of birdsong.

It was unbelievably simple and refreshing.

After the lunch, we were ready for a long walk to explore the forest and the green. 

_DSC6857 _DSC6859 _DSC6861 _DSC6869 _DSC6872

As the day got later, the dark cloud dispersed and the sun slowly awakened from its sleep.

_DSC6888 _DSC6902

There was a river just underneath but it was too dangerous to get closer. But what seems frightening to me is usually something too exciting to miss for him. 

Set to have a touch of the icy cold river, he decided to go ahead while I took my time admiring little wild flowers.


The prickly leaves of holly! Does the name of this plant ring a bell? It’s the popular decoration in Christmas. 

It was at its flowering stage and so there were no red berries.


The water from La Salvetat was exceptionally clear. But when I was asked to take a sip I was extremely sceptical. 

Drinking the water that has passed through rocks and gathered mud and germs along the way? No one in the right mind would do that!

But what can I lose? An upset-stomach was the worst that could happen. So I took the plunge. 

And it was the most untouched, clean and natural water I have ever tasted. There was no musty smell and no residue, or maybe there was but I am still fit as a fiddle, my stomach hasn’t suffered.

_DSC6929 _DSC6930

Now I see why this place is one of the best sources of drinking water in France. 


Later, we packed our stuff and drove to another village in the area. With windows rolled down, naturally. 

How else do you enjoy the dulcet sound of trickling water and fresh air?

_DSC6975 _DSC6976 _DSC6980 _DSC6981 _DSC6984 _DSC6988 _DSC6986 _DSC6990 _DSC6992_DSC6994_DSC7008_DSC7012

I can’t help but wonder how it’s like to live here? 

Apart from farming and running their own little business, what do people do here? How do they spend their evenings? Have they ever thought about moving to a busier place, a bigger town, a city?

It was a peaceful village, a rare and beautiful experience. It was like a place that has come alive from the storybooks I read when I was a child. 

Now are you glad you came along?

With love x

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