Join Me for a Casual Morning in Paris


Mornings in Paris always start like a beautiful movie, soft light streams through the open windows and you are greeted with a neat row of Haussmannian homes.

The baguette is on the table and you wake up chasing after the whiffs of strong coffee.

This is the beauty of being a permanent tourist in Paris.

DSC09921-2 DSC09925-2

Very often, we would take a walk to the nearby marché  and source some fresh produce for lunch. This is the privilege of not staying in a hotel – you get to fold yourself into the chic Parisian life and make meals in a Parisian kitchen.

Then eat your heart out slowly and (trying to be) elegantly. 

It’s a nice chore to do. And if you don’t mind moving a little today, maybe you want to come along with me?

Oui, of course! You say.

Now put on the shades and get the basket!

DSC09691-2 DSC09718-2 DSC09739-2

 Pssst, but first we need to make a stop at an Italian shop to get some antipasti.

I know, I know, it’s not French, it’s ready made. It kinda feels like we are cheating. But nobody needs to know.

We can be a little lazy. We said we would be!

DSC09741-2 DSC09745-2 DSC09750-2 DSC09749-2 DSC09754-2

Some artichoke, some octopus and stuffed olives. Sounds about right, don’t you think?

Now we’ll go to the marché. And erm… if you don’t mind keeping this at the very bottom of the basket that will be great. 


DSC09819-2 DSC09818-2

Look at the morning crowd! You don’t regret coming, do you? 

Let’s start with the fruits.

We will hang on to the last batch of summer fruits and get some peaches and strawberries.

DSC09755-2DSC09756-2DSC09771-2Did you just say you’re only taking one punnet of strawberry? On the last week of summer? The last time of the year that you can gorge on these juicy babies?

You are berry funny!

Cinq, s’il vous plait… Five punnets more! 

DSC09789-2 DSC09795-2 DSC09797-2

^Okay, sorry ma, this isn’t what you think it is,

Not the most parent-friendly pose to do isn’t it.

Moving on!


We’ll pick up some greens too. Then, onto the seafood!

DSC09766-2 DSC09765-2 DSC09769-2 DSC09763-2 DSC09770-2

This man’s really chatty. And it makes our food shopping so much more enjoyable.

We will have some of these prawns with home-made mustard. 

Then pop into the butchery. Get some pork cutlets and I think we are good to go. 


But, if you don’t mind a bit more of the sun, can we swing by Sephora?

I promise I’ll be real quick.

DSC09857-2 DSC09836-2 DSC09853-2

See,  I told you I won’t take long!

Last thing, a good bunch of flowers for our lunch table.


Found the one!

And we are done. A very casual morning in Paris. The next thing to do would be to prepare a good French lunch. Then we can talk about how beautiful this city is, how fresh the fruits are, what coffee to drink, what to have for dessert, everything and about absolutely nothing.

You think you have a great casual morning in Paris? 

I bet you do!


With love x

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