Brunching on a Belgian Museum


“How about a brunch in Brussels? On the rooftop of the Musical Instrument Museum. You can let your hair down and deck out on your Sunday best. The wind will be gentle; the sun will be there. The light will cast beautiful shadows on our plates as we clink glasses over a full table scattered with breadcrumbs and specks of salt and pepper. 

There will be children and families and couples and friends. I’m not sure if you’d like the food. It’s not the best. But it’s acceptable. With a view swirling around us, it will be easy to forget how mediocre it tastes.  

C’mon darling, it’s Belgium.

It’s only a Eurostar away. “


So, one fine morning. We woke up in London and took a train to Brussels, easily one of my favourite cities in Europe.

The view is one reason, the beer is the other.

We dropped our bags at the hotel and headed to MIM, the musical instrument museum.

DSC00795 DSC00796

“I am glad you came. Here, we will take the old-fashioned elevator. The one that looks like a cage. The one you have seen so many times in movies. The one you always find in France. 

We’ll arrive at the very top.

You can choose to sit inside, here at the Old England dome.”


“But I know you wouldn’t resist the outside. You would die to be out there. 

The terrace. Of course, we are going to the terrace.”


It was a busy morning at the restaurant. Servers moved agilely between tables. It was late in the morning but there were already a few empty bottles of wine and beer stacked neatly in a crate, put away carefully at the corner. The weekend crowd, the weekend vibe.

We settled at a place by the side and tippled. Rosé and Kriek.

And here’s a brunch at the rooftop of MIM, on an exceptionally beautiful day.


“I told you you won’t regret. Now that we have wiped the plates clean and drank the last drop in our glasses, it’s time to walk this food away. 

Come with me. 

We will go to the park. And I’d show you the Palace of Brussels.”


Parc de Bruxelles, a park surrounded by the Royal Palace of Brussels, a stone’s throw away from MIM. It’s not huge. There are some sculptures, a music kiosk, an octagonal pond.

And this fountain…

DSC00921 DSC00922 DSC00940A skittle of rainbow!

Look how nature work its wonder.

Only a few hours in Brussels and I loved it already.

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I saw sun rays splashing down onto the Royal Palace.

A grand building shining robustly under the mid-day sun.


^Look at them!

DSC00992 DSC00993 DSC00997

With love x

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