Beach, Please


It was 4 degree Celsius. We made it to the Scheveningen beach. And had ice-cream. I can’t think of a time that I’ve ever said no to any outings that involve activities on a landform along the coast of a sea. Not even after being bumped by a life-size surfboard in the head and pushed deeper down into the water in acute pain, or in this case, when the temperature was a mere 4 degree. It was extremely windy but the sun lent the beach an irresistibly beguiling hue and soft golden glow. I sauntered into the sandy ground undeterred by my heeled sandals and blind-flying hair. It was that time of the year when you were set free from the cocoon of winter and in a biting urge to dance under the big blue sky. And the best of all, you get the beach almost all to yourself.  

So, why not?
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With love x