So I have left this place for a while. So, well, Hello again!

A lot of things have changed. Many also have stayed the same.

I am certainly older since I last spoke to you. Age, it’s a funny concept. If you’d think about it, it’s a really funny concept.

There’s something that comes with age.

There’s something that’s gone with age.

People like to think that the best times of their lives happened when they were young. They call it innocence and equate that to happiness. It’s not true. We were “happy” younger because there was someone else who’s doing the washing and the explanation.

What made us seemingly less carefree as we grow is responsibility, not age.

Experiences come with age. Regrets come with age.

To reach a point in your life where you’d look back and smile and think oh I’d been there, done that is the contentment that experiences bring. To do so with remorse, they call it regrets.

These are the things that only age could bring – and thank God – wash away.

Age is essentially the passing of time.

The allowance to do something and to re-do something. A step closer to what you think is good enough, but also a step further from bad decisions, hurt and well…regrets.

Age is anticipation. Age is anxiety. The sleepless nights and the excitement we have for tomorrows.

Insecurities comes with age. Assurance also comes with age.

You are more easily attached. It’s also become easier to detach.

You care more; you care less.

One sure thing is innocence fades as you age. Innocence is a clean slate, a blank canvas, a surprisingly solid ground where you stand to convince yourself everything is ok and an unsubstantiated and super powerful belief that everything will be ok.

Innocence dissipates as you age, because there are things that we see and cannot un-see. But each of these things make it to the canvas.

And at the end of the day, the canvas becomes your very own piece of art.

So embrace all that comes with age, this funny little concept – and definitely tell your stories that you wouldn’t bring with you to the grave.


Welcome back!

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