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Eat, NYC! - Brunch view

We didn’t travel to NYC for food. But it wouldn’t be complete, would it, to venture into the wilderness of a bustling jungle in summer and not take a dip in its gastronomic river? 

Even though it was a 4th-July weekend and a few restaurants that we intended to visit were close, we were determine to not only favour our eyes and mistreat our stomachs. So, high and low we searched for alternatives and I must admit, it was a bit of hit and miss.

I have 3 recommendations today and trust me, these places are great pleasure to dine in. Like 5 Places to Eat in Barcelona , they are close to attractions/ main streets of NYC and offer real delicious food. Or, in case below, even with a view!  

1. Rooftop Brunch at 230 Fifth

The morning after a romp in the playground of Meatpacking district, where, by midnight, dance was in full swing and shots and flutes of champagne were see-sawing, I slid down the rooftop bar of Le Bain into the classic Sunday hangover.

Slightly annoyed and very woozy, I was scooped out of bed with the promise of pancake, fresh fruit, sunshine and more rooftop view of New York City.

I gave in and that was the best hangover cure thus far. Zero disappointment and packed full of energy after!

Eat, NYC! - 230 Fifth view 2

Come take a seat with me, dab on some sunscreen and we shall continue our woozy schmoozy à la New Yorker. 

Located at 27th Street, 230 Fifth is a swanky bar in Fifth Avenue with the largest rooftop garden in NYC. On weekend, this place opens its door from 10am to 4pm, serving old-fashion buffet style brunch, cocktails along with modern skyline of Manhattan.  

Large varieties of salad (cobbed, caesar, antipasti etc.), sandwiches, eggs benedict, liquor-ed french toast, bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit etc. They were carefully prepared, dainty and really good.

When I saw the chafing dishes filled with warm food,unhesitatingly I ditched pancake for the southern fried chicken, lightly battered, crispy and finger-licking good.

Finished two and had two more, then rehydrated with some greens and big platter of fruits. 

Eat, NYC! - 230 Fifth view 3 Eat, NYC! - Food Eat, NYC! - 230 Fifth view 5 Eat, NYC! - 230 Fifth Alexandra Luella 2

It is definitely the place to go for a combo of simple, tasty food and even more delicious view!

Address: Corner 27th Street on 5th Avenue, NY 10001. For more details, watch their video here on Youtube. 

 2. Fried Pizza at Don Antonio by Starita

Strategically close to Times Square but away from the curious crowds, Don Antonio is opened by pizza royalty, Antonio Starita, and his pupil Roberto Caporuscio. There are red pizzas, white pizzas, gluten-free pizzas, stuffed pizzas, calzones, and fried pizzas.

Yes, fried pizza.

As seen in the menu as “Pizze fritte – filled and lightly fried pizza“, I can’t say we were 100% comfortable to try this. But after reading much reviews and completely tempted by the silver-tongued server, we were sold!

Eat, NYC! - Don Antonio by Starita 1 Eat, NYC! - Don Antonio by Starita Mozarella Buffalla Eat, NYC! - Don Antonio by Starita Bread Mozzarella

We started with homemade burrata and some prosciutto. Like a true French who loves a good bread and cheese, Quentin only had praises for these fresh creamy Italian baby. 

And then it’s all about the Pizza Fritte. 

Eat, NYC! - Don Antonio by Starita Fried Pizza Eat, NYC! - Don Antonio by Starita Fried pizza 2

Coming from the wood-fired oven, custom-built from volcanic soil and stone, this pizza was beyond amazing. It was not at all greasy and, in fact, quite the opposite. The fried crust was relatively drier than normal pizza and very crusty.  Completely won us over at the first bite.

Do make a reservation before visiting. Alternatively, wait at the bar and mingle with the cheerful eaters and friendly hosts! 

Address: 309 West 50th Street (at 8th Ave.), New York, NY 10019. Don Antonio also opens in Atlanta and Napoli. 

3. Big Slice of Pizza at Little Italy’s

Eat, NYC! - Little Italy’s Front Eat, NYC! - Little Italy’s Pizza

Located in Koreatown, across Empire State Building, Little Italy’s Pizza is somewhere you can feast like a king! 

The red and white tiles give the pizzeria a 50’s diner feel. The service was speedy and friendly. There were numerous selections and I opted for the mushroom while Quentin went with the standard, sausage & pepperoni. 

It’s a place where you can walk in with with your oversized t-shirt, ripped jeans, have a tray filled with huge slices of pizza, big coke and get dirty.   

Eat, NYC! - Little Italy’s Alexandra Luella Pizza Eat, NYC! - Little Italy’s AL eating Pizza

Thin crust, stringy melted cheese and a heavenly taste that needn’t much to imagine. Always love a comforting meal like this!

The best thing is, they also do delivery. So if you are feeling lazy, order in and get filthy in the comfort of your fluffy hotel beds. I did say you could feast like a king! 😉

Address: Between 5th Ave & Madison Ave in Koreatown, Midtown East. Tel: +1-212-481-5200

With love x

PS. If you’re heading that way, do check out the New York Weekend Breaks by Anna Mumford for more tips and tricks around New York! 😉 

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