Tea Shopping at Twinings


Twinings has been around London for more than 300 years and this shop in Strand was the first tea room that it has established since 1706. It’s situated right opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, “straddled the border between Westminster and the City of London, an area that was newly populated with the finest of London’s aristocracy as a result of the Great Fire of London.” 

Twinings offers more than just a trusty range of Earl Greys, herbal infusions and elegant tea-wares, it is the quintessential British shop that embodies the nation’s long-standing esteem and love for tea.

DSC06154 DSC06149^ the Royal Courts of Justice

In the old Twining tea shop, there is a Loose Tea Bar where customers could smell and sample some teas, a little museum where the stories and photographs of the Twinings family were shown along with antique teapots and caddies. 216 Strand has obviously been redecorated and modernised over the years and that is why there’s now a Pick n’ Mix bar where you can choose a box of tea for a price as affordable as 15 teabags for £3! Caramelised apple, Apple crunch, Butter mint, Double Mint, Fudge melts, Cherry bakewell, Ginger bread, SALTED CARAMEL(!!!)…goodness knows why I went crazy.

There are more whimsical flavours, I beg you to please please scroll down or, better, head to their website and place an order. Immediately.

DSC06113 DSC06114 DSC06115 DSC06118 DSC06116 DSC06117 DSC06123 DSC06125 DSC06127 DSC06128 DSC06132 DSC06129 DSC06126 DSC06148 A, J and I got ourselves enough teabags to sustain an army and skipped happily back to work. 

What’s a more exci-tea lunch break than this?

With love x

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