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Experiencing London Fashion Weekend 2014 (2)


So today, we shall continue Burberry on about designers and trends that are likely to go Stella (McCartney) this season. This information might not be essential to all but knowing it will undeniably give you the (Dorothy) Perks(in) because fashion, like technology, will always be on the (Anya Hind)march.

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Experiencing London Fashion Weekend 2014

London Fashion Weekend - Rack of clothes

To say that I know fashion is a lie, a big ostentatious lie. It’s a world, an industry that often intersects my social circle but it’s an area that I  know very little about. To say that I have my own style is maybe a bit splashy and attention-seeking. But I guess I have my own preference, a way that I like to pair my tops and bottoms, a way I like to accessorize.

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