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Christmas Diary D4 – The Sun & The Sea


Quite an oxymoronic title today. Since when does the sun & the sea go hand in hand with Christmas? I would have to apologise if you’re here hoping to read about a cold, glacial, nestling around the fireplace type of holiday, because none of these will happen in Béziers. At a town in the south of France, drawing close to the Mediterranean Sea, wishing for snow is like hoping for a cow to sing.

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Christmas Diary D2 – London to Paris

Christmas Diary D2 - Cover

Comfort wear, shiny nails, big shopper bag and fun reads – today’s the day we set off from London to Paris! I am one of those peeps who are more enlivened during the journey than when arriving at the destination. You should see me in the ride on our way to St. Pancras, I grinned bigger than Lewis’ cheshire cat. 

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