Sweet Main Course, Savoury Dessert

Privé de Dessert - main
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Privé de Dessert in Paris is a place where the creativity of Sephora Nahon plays tricks on your food. Chips that look like churros, salmon that is in fact tomato, brownie that turns out to be a steak. When a friend recommended to give it a go, I didn’t even need to think twice.

Ok. Lies.

True that I was doubtful about the taste of the food, whether it was only a gimmick to attract business. But went anyhow. It’s not expensive and the idea is too fun to resist.

The restaurant sits at the rather saucy Pigalle. You can’t miss it if you are planning to give Moulin Rouge a peep! A very modern, clean and straightforward interior, so you can be comfortable and focus on the food.

Privé de Dessert - Restaurant inside Privé de Dessert - Apple pie

Aperitif was a cocktail called Apple Pie.

(On side note, I’m really digging my christmas-y nail)

For starter, there were a “Muffin” and a “Cheesecake”.

Privé de Dessert - Appetizers Privé de Dessert - Muffin Privé de Dessert - Cheese cake

^ The “Muffin” doesn’t reaaaaally look like a muffin but it tasted so good. It’s made with baby spinach, honey and goat cheese frostings.

As for the gorgonzola cheesecake, the coulis was made with beetroot juice.

After the first bite, my uncertainties vanished. This is not just a place for tricks on food, but really does fill your palate and stomach with pleasant surprises.

Privé de Dessert - Main dishes

And here are the main courses!

Saint-honore burger and a hearty mac and cheese.

Privé de Dessert - Macaroni cakePrivé de Dessert - St Honorer and Churros DSC02837

The chips were shaped like churros and the patty was made with puff pastry and cheese.

The best of all was the savoury “whipped cream”.

Privé de Dessert - Churros

I’m really glad to have given Prive a go, it’s a gem in Paris. Places like this is rare in the city compared to its counterpart London, where people are more acceptive to whimsy and quirky changes.


If you’re interested, Sephora has published a cookbook to guide you with all her tips and tricks. It’s selling here on Amazon if you are keen to find out how to make savoury éclair or strawberry mille feuille.

With love x

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