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Get out of Amsterdam, Dive into Delft

delft_headxOK that’s it, grab your jacket. We are getting out of Amsterdam. Twice in this riling capital and I still haven’t learnt to love it. Only a one-hour train ride away, Delft is the perfect solution. This town gives you the most relaxing stroll by the emblematic Dutch canal, beautiful blue and white pottery, rich butter cookies and a peek into the life of Dutch Golden Age’s finest painter, Johannes Vermeer. No sight of cheap tasteless fish-net stockings. No terrible stench of smoking cannabis. Are you coming or are you coming?

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Fulham Palace – The Palace You Didn’t Know in London


Unlike the Buckingham Palace which is always moated by tourists with their annoying selfie sticks, Fulham Palace is (or rather was) surrounded by an actual moat, what’s more the longest domestic moat in England. When you have some time to spare or are allergic to selfie sticks, pack your picnic bag and head to Fulham Palace. There will only be children playing, moms sipping wine and a big green garden. Everyone’s happy – a rare, beautiful sight in London. 

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You Can’t Go to Paris Without Visiting Le Marais


Le Marais – Once an aristocratic district in Paris, this ancient quartier has lost and regained its class and shine many times. Thanks to devoted followers of all things fashionable, artsy and chic, now it is one of the most exclusive areas to live in the city. Think glitzy celebrities, affluent art-lovers, stylish Parisians and some of the sassiest bars for the capital’s LGBT community. You can’t afford to miss this.

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This Charming Little French Village


What is it that makes us urbanites particularly attracted to the rural chic, the rustic charm that’s a world away from the skyscrapers and crowds and the mass of pollution that we rub shoulders with daily? Not hard to explain. La Salvetat is such a place that would leap out at people like you and me from a glossy travel magazine. Tucked away in thick forest on top of a mountain, the only way to its heart was a thirst for adventure and an hour drive up the winding road. Your best bet to see and experience this enchanting commune in south of France? Come live vicariously through me. Read on.

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