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BabesofBeijing – The Photographer

So this is Part II of Babes of Beijing.

A brand new blog series documenting stories of places and people I encountered during my various trips to Beijing.

Long, punchy, candid. Basically, cultural word porn strapped with cheeky observations and delicious anecdotes.

The last one was about a fruit seller. This one is about a handsome Swedish photographer I met on a random school night. At an odd watering hole. In a dark, quiet alley.

PG-zero and 120% safe for work, I promise.

Now, come on in.

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BabesofBeijing – The Fruit Seller

Never had I been so intrigued by the people of a country that I would stuff my suitcase with twenty books written by local authors, watch a complete series of totalitarian-nostalgic drama and talk to strangers for the sole purpose of getting to know the people better. This attraction is gravitational.

Babes of Beijing is a series of blog posts about the people I met during my various trips to Beijing. Some long, some short.

Featuring the locals, whose cultures and beliefs are deeply influenced by the teachings of Confucius, as well as the non-locals who, fluent in Chinese or not, have made the Middle Kingdom their home.

All interesting people, all true stories.

Believe me when I say it will get juicy. 

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Amen to Milan


Fabulous coffee, art galleries, good wine, wonderful pizza, pasta… Shopping! Tasteful designs and impeccable craftsmanship on honey-coloured, luscious leather – all in a city festooned with suave, stylish and, somehow, fashionably cold and aloof people. As if I needed more reasons to justify my decamping to Milan during that bloody depressing post-new year winter.

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41 Photographs, Reminiscence of Beijing


What you see when you look at travel photography? The ones untainted by smears of vanity. Realistic portrayals of the place rather than the traveller. A slice of time that freezes and transcends corporeal boundaries. Can’t you hear them move in stillness? Can you see them speak? As promised, here is a full post of photos from Beijing. 41 of them out of the 536 I took over the span of five days. Let them talk. And you listen.

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