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Brunch at the Iconic Hotel Le Fouquet’s

Le Fouquet's 15

What to do on a Sunday in Paris where most shops are close and you don’t want to shop for items with marked up prices in blood-sucking touristy zones? I have just the right place for you to start this sacred day marking the end of your very hectic week – shopping, champagne-sipping and being glamorously lost in Paris. Brunch at Le Fouquet’s. The iconic, luxurious and everybody-knows Le Fouquet’s.

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Sanukiya – The Best Udon Slurping Experience in Paris


From the outside, Sanukiya looks just like another unassuming Asian eatery in Europe. But what makes the shop stand out quite immediately is the endless queue of noodle-slurpers waiting eagerly at its door. On the inside, Japanese waitresses in orange T-shirts moved skilfully through the narrow lane between an open kitchen and a stretch of table along the wall. Reason for all the above? Come have a slurp of this udon.

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