When I started this blog in mid-2014, it was all about freeing myself through writing. I have a pair of Asian parents and a Law degree. The release of a backlog of creative tension was justifiable, if not necessary. Travelling, though, was secondary. It was only a subject that I used to hold my writings together. A privilege that I have – and have since been fully and successfully exploiting – to fulfil my most unfulfilled desire to write, and for being unapologetically creative.

From mid-2015 through 2016, this blog was about my adventures in a good chunk of less-travelled, exotic places. My eagerness to learn about cultures, food and people. Fairly nice, but honestly? Painfully boring, trite and cringy. Too intelligent for any functional and emotionally unstable human being…which means everybody.

It is now 2017.

My passion for all the above still stands, but my appetite for all things creative has grown bigger and more ferocious: my interest in art, particularly modern painting and photography; my curiosity about fashion, the clashing of colours, prints and textures.

As well as my life.

The seemingly worry-free and glitzy existence of a snotty twentysomething jetting between London and the world. Doesn’t this all sound very exciting?

But in return for these delicious stories, promise me a few things:

Always make fun of tall people. Drive badly. Drink plenty. Master the language of Sarcasm. Up your tolerance for expletives. And keep your mind wide, wide open like a church door.

Can you do that?

Now retire the butler, we can pack and unpack together. Welcome on board.

* * *

Michelle is her name and AlexandraLuella is this blog’s. Born and bred in tropical Malaysia, Michelle is based in London and Kuala Lumpur. For business enquiries, email at AlexandraLuella[at]gmail[dot]com. Start by exaggerating how much you love her and her work. That should get her to respond.    

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